Dating Sim! (Tsundere Girl)

Dating Sim! (Tsundere Girl)

This is basically a dating sim! See if the Tsundere girl would like to date again, if she might want to or if she bloody hates your guts!

published on March 28, 201681 responses 12 4.8★ / 5

Ugh. Hi. I'm Lucy.

Hi! I'm ----. What would you like to do?
...Hi. I'm ----. Ugh, I'm bored. Let's go somewhere.
I already hate you. This is boring. Let's go.

Psssh. Fine. If you insist! Let's go to a restaurant. I'm hungry!

Fine. Don't be so harsh, though.
Okay! There are three restaurants around here. Which one shall we go to?
Meh. I don't want to go to one of those. I already had dinner. How about a bar?

Noo!!! I want to go to a far away restaurant!! One I've never been to before!!

I said a BAR. Some bars have food, so it's basically a restaurant too. I bet you've never been to the
Guh! I guess whatever you say goes.. Come on.
A-All right, Lucy.

Fine. Come on!! You said so yourself! Lets go!! Get your freakin' butt in gear, Baka!

Ahhh, okay. I know a great restaurant I know you'll like!
Mmgh.. Stop, I know. It's you who needs to get your butt in gear!
Fine.. Let's go..

*At restaurant* Hmmm... Oh! I want this!

Whaaaaat!? But it's so expensive!!
Nuh-Uh! Babies like you don't get grownup food. But fine, so I don't look like I'm kidnapping you.
*Sigh* If you want that, alright.

*When they got you get the food* Ewww! I hate this! Let's go... Oh, and you're paying!

Really? I though you'd like it... I'm almost done...
What the!?? Hey that was so expensive! You finish that!!

*After* So... Uh, I wanna do something fun. Hey! An amusement park! Let's go!!

What!?? No! I hate amusement parks..
You want everything expensive don't you?
Okay! I think that'll be fun.

Whatever!! I SAID, lets go!!!!!

I said Okay! (。-ω-)
Fine...! You little pain in the--
Haha! Let's go!

*At the amusement park* So... what ride shall we go on first?

How about the death drop?
Uhh.. Would you like to go on the rollercoaster?

Shut up!!! Baka!! Let's go on the rollercoaster!!

Fine... ya big baby! Death drop is way better..
Sounds fun! (灬╹ω╹灬)

*After* U-Uh...I-It's not like that was fun or anything.. Hey!! I wanna try the death drop!!

That's what I've been saying!! Come on, turd..
Okay! I'll make sure you don't get scared.
Sounds great! Let's go.

I won't get scared at all!

I know you won't! You are very brave.
Me neither!
I know you'll be scared. You'll probably pee your pants!

*After* That was scary.. its late, so... baka!

Bye! Hope to see you again.
Bye, turd.
Okay. See ya.