Are you a sprite, a fairy, or a mermaid?

Are you a sprite, a fairy, or a mermaid?

Which are you? This is a very attractive quiz in which is mixed with different quizzes and random photos (I'm sorry) Cover image is Warriors; Code Of The Clans cover.

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What do your friends usually describe you as...?

Curious... and other answers

What is your favorite flower?

A big, fat rose
Another blossom

What movies do you like seeing?

What movies do you like seeing?
G-rated movies
PG-rated movies
PG-13 or over. I'm a big daredevil!

Who is your biggest foe? (GIRLS ONLY!)

The... Scary... Werewolf!
Wet Splashing Sharks!
Very casual foes- like, for instance, a beetle

Which 'Teen beach movie character' are you most like?

Mac... I'm curious, fun, and lovable
Cheechee- i bring a lot of laughs!
Answer is not listed here
Giggles- I'm funny and encouraging move over bikers
What in the world is Teen Beach Movie?

What colors do you like?

Bright colors- like pink or yellow
Metallic colors- like silver, gold, or timber, teal.
Dark colors- like black or blue