Are you a sprite, a fairy, or a mermaid?

Are you a sprite, a fairy, or a mermaid?

Which are you? This is a very attractive quiz in which is mixed with different quizzes and random photos (I'm sorry) Cover image is Warriors; Code Of The Clans cover.

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What colors do you like?

Bright colors- like pink or yellow
Metallic colors- like silver, gold, or timber, teal.
Dark colors- like black or blue

What is your favorite flower?

A big, fat rose
Another blossom

Which 'Teen beach movie character' are you most like?

Mac... I'm curious, fun, and lovable
Cheechee- i bring a lot of laughs!
Answer is not listed here
Giggles- I'm funny and encouraging move over bikers
What in the world is Teen Beach Movie?

What do your friends usually describe you as...?

Curious... and other answers

What movies do you like seeing?

What movies do you like seeing?
G-rated movies
PG-rated movies
PG-13 or over. I'm a big daredevil!

Who is your biggest foe? (GIRLS ONLY!)

The... Scary... Werewolf!
Wet Splashing Sharks!
Very casual foes- like, for instance, a beetle