bleach boy friend quiz (please only girls)

you want to find your bleach boyfriend then this is your quiz take it or be a hater

published on June 01, 201181 responses 12 3.9★ / 5

what is your fave color


If you are going out on a date where would he take you

fancy restaurant
his familiys house
a bar
normal restaurant
nothing specal a movie theature

If a stranger came put swinging a sword what would you boyfriend say

lets go anther way
hey whats up man
want to fight to the death
come on run
back off man

say, will you were going home and you when throw a dark ally what would he do

just keep walking
pull you closer and say "stay close"
let you walk be your self
start talking about his past
hald your hand

your home, how does he say bye to you

see you tomorrow maybe
well see you tomorrow be careful
well i have a fight to go to see you kid night
you be careful ( kisses you good bye)