Your Warrior Cat Story

Your Warrior Cat Story

Find out what you would be like in one one the clans today! it is very simple just choose the things i ask and i'll right your story open for toms to :P

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What would you look like?

A Calico She-cat
not the best looking
A pitch black tom
Red ragged fur a she-cat
Gray and white she-cat
A pitch black tom
A ginger tom

Which are you like?

Wont ever give up and will die for the clan. Also brave and loyal
You are clever brave and strong.
You are a nasty rouge and dont care who you end up killing
Shy and timid at first.
Out going and quiet
Caring and loyal

In a battle you are fighting of to cats they attacked you, you see your mate blleding and pinned and your leader losing another life what do you do?

Kill every cat
Ram off the cat that are on your leader and attack the cat that is harming your mate and pull him aside and then your leader.
Your the leader losing the life
jump up and attack the cat thats attacking your mate.(your mate being the leader)
Dont do anything and go blank
throw the cat off your mate and pull her/him aside and then attack the cat thats on your leader

Did you enjoy this?

50 50
Why do you even try?
Its great
Good but a little more work

You love someone from a diffrent clan or is a rouge what do you do?

Follow your heart, and meet him.
Your the leader respect the code.
Kill the cat you like to get it out of your mind?
Dont do it, you respect the code
Doesnt do anything just forget about it
GO to her.

Best kind of terriotary

all grassy with a stream
Dark forest
Dark forest..
Good hunting
Doesnt matter as long as their is prey

Last question: If you could be any of the cats below what one would you be..?

Redtail in this case a She-cat
ShadowStar a leader
Claw A rouge

You have a darkside and attack a close friend what do you do?

stops when relizes what has been done and try to help and give up your dark side
Use it only agaist enmeys
Doesnt matter shake it off
run away trying to get help and hiding
sit down and look at your friend dieing
stop before anything else is done and take your friend to the medcaine cats den

Which clan?

FlameClan its very close to their clan members they will die for their and prototect their terriotary they are friendly to those who dont threat. FlameClan is loyal and if you leave you regret it. FlameClan welcomes everyone even a kittypet or a rouge
ShadowClan is evil they say but most cats are very nice to each other. But MOST evil
A rouge
A killing machine!
Flameclan again XD
Flameclan again! Why did i pick this -.-
Surprise! Surprise!