What type of dog is best for you?

What type of dog is best for you?

hey peeps this quiz is to match oyu up with 3 breeds of dogs that best fit your personality & life style good luck and have fun :)

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Ok when takeing a dog out for a walk what would you rather do? :)

walk slowley but for a few hours
jog/run for an hour with the dog
walk with your kids/little siblings/little cousens ect. and your dog
walk slowley
walk around town with your freinds

Have you had dogs before

yeh a realy energetic one
yeh quite a laid back one
yeh but it was a family dog
yeh when I was little

what activity would you be more likeley to do with your dog

Sledgeing/Agility/Fly Ball
walk on a beach/in a forest with family
walk around town
Go on a shoping spree

on a scale of 1-5 how active are you

5 (very Active)
1 (kinda Lazy)

What type of house do you live in? (if none of them pick the closet to the one you live in)

a big one with a lot of land
A nice family home with a reasonable amount of land
a avrage town house with a avrage amount of land
A meduim size house with a bit of land
a flat

what age is the youngest person in your house hold, e.g 1 house hold has a 3 year old and a 12 year old they select 2+


how often would you have to leave the dog alone in the house

quite often for work/shcool
sometimes but not to often
not to often
I would'nt have to leave it

would you be willing to walk the dog in any weather encludeing snow, wind, hail and rain? (ansew ohnestley)

OF COUSE no questions asked
no I just couldnt
If I had to
no chance

what type of dog do you like best

Large and laid back
big and energetic
medium and freindley