What Type of Dance Are You

What Type of Dance Are You

Are you a hip hop girl? Jazz? How about lyrical? But remember: whichever one you get, YOU ARE ALWAYS A DANCER!! :)

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Someone corrects you on a move during dance practice. You...

Say "thank you for telling me. I will fix it," and move on.
Tell the person that you didn't do that and walk away.
Say that you didn't do what they said you did, snap your fingers and make up a correction for them.

You get to pick your costume for your solo. You chose a...

You get to pick your costume for your solo. You chose a...
Bright pink top and Neon green tutu.
A t-shirt with graffiti on it with jeans and boots.
A flowy dress with a flower in your hair.

You are making up a dance at your dance studio just for fun. It's your turn to make up an 8-count. You add an...

A fun and funky move.
A coupe turn in to the splitz.
Your famous shoulder roll. :)

You get your own part in one of your group dances. You...

Say "Thank You" to the teacher and get on to learning it.
You brag about it to everyone for the rest of class.
You dance around the studio but eventually get over it.

If you had to pick one song to do for a dance it would be...

"Circus" By: Britney Spears
"Battlefield" By: Jordin Sparks
"Out Of My Head" By: The Black Eyed Peas