Which alchemical element are you?

Which alchemical element are you?

Between Fire, Air, Water, and Earth, which of the four elements embodies your personality? (image from Google images)

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Of the following words, which best describes yourself?


Of the following careers, which most appeals to you?

Construction Worker
Pediatric Nurse

In an extremely stressful situation, how might you react?

Frustrated, try to overpower the problem
Increased anxiety; need space
Stay relatively calm; explore options
"Blow up" on someone

Which of the following is the most ideal social structure for you?

Lots of friends, lots of acquaintances; meet new people
all the time
A very close circle of loyal friends; no need for much
A close group of friends, but still need to meet new

If you could be a teacher, which age group would you most want to teach?

Elementary or Middle School
High School
College or Graduate School

If you could do something awesome with your friends tomorrow, which would you choose to do?

Guys come over, watch football, work in the garage. OR
girls come over, watch game shows or HGTV, get
Go out to eat and talk about each others' personalities.
Go dancing at clubs all night long.
Climb a mountain, eat and relax at the top for a little
Light fireworks at night!

How spiritual would you consider yourself?

Mostly indifferent; I just focus on what I can sense
Spiritually aware, but not any kind of mystic
Very spiritual; I follow intuitions or metaphysical
subtleties regularly.

Of the following words, which most appeals to you?


Which are more important to you?

Practicality, facts, simplification, tradition
Imagination, concepts, complexity, strangeness

Which are more important to you?

Spontaneity, freedom, accomodation
Calculation, rules, structure

Which are more important to you? (One last time, I promise)

Feelings, empathy, consideration of others
Logic, production, unbiased decisions

If you could choose a super-human ability, what would it be?

Conjuring/control of fire
Super swimming/control of water
Super strength/endurance; near invulnerability