What type of friend are you? (1)

What type of friend are you? (1)

We all have friends even members of family are our friends! What type of friend are you?

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Is the friend you are taking this quiz about a boy or a girl

It dosnt matter

You see your friend getting beat up...what do you do.

Leave them, they can fight on there own
Tell a Teacher/Grown up
Beat the bullies up

Your friends boyfriend/Girlfriend has broken up with them what do you do...

Give them a hug and comfort them
Snog there Ex

This has nothing to do with the quiz but what song do you like more?

Love is the air
Lazy song- Bruno Mars
Zetsubou Billy- Maximum the Hormone

Your friend asks you if you want to go out to chinese, what do you wear?

A short dress with no underwair and high heels
An old tracky
A maxi dress

After the Chinese you go back to there place what do you do...

Have a laugh and gossip
Tell them you have no underwair on and lift up your dress revealing yourself
Beat them up