What Jessie Character are you? (2)

What Jessie Character are you? (2)

Luke, Ravi, Emma, Zuri, Jessie, Bertrem. Which one reflects your personality the most?

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What's your best feature?

My sense of style.
My face, It's my money-maker
My Freckles, They're like face sprinkles!
Who needs features when you have a Giant Lizard?
My acting abilities, I did get into this job without experience...
Being able to work even with the HORRIBLE conditions I am in...Ugh kids.

What would you be doing at a Dance?

Dancing, Duh!
Dancing with my crush
Showing off my new designer Dress
Trying to meet new people. I don't have many friends.
I'd be at the snack table.
I would have to chaperone....I'd rather be with my boyfriend.
I wouldn't be there. It's too far away.

What's your favorite quote from the show?

"Get Between Me and my Tutti Frutties and it will be the last thing you see"
"Funny, Cause stealing my dreams came so easily to you"
"What am I saying? Nothing is more fun than hanging out with my shoes!"
"but it's so...far away"
"This is a rule free zone"
"You have come to rescue me...and in style!"



How would others describe you?

Sassy and adorable
Odd, strange, weird
Trendsetter, I can wear anything!
I am my butlers worst nightmare (messy!)
Pretty tough. And also Pretty. I'm sometimes lazy but I am responsible.