Are you to blame?

Are you to blame?

Think you've done something bad, but not sure you'll get in trouble for it? CHECK HERE! Also, check my other quizzes!

published on May 30, 201160 responses 14
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Is what you did illegal?

Nope, not at all
Yes...yes it is
I don't know...

What did you do?

Displeased my parents
Assulted someone
I don't really know

Are there any witnesses?

Yes! But I think I may go make sure they won't talk... >:)
No... I made sure there weren't any
I'm not sure if anyone saw me

Can you tell a lie with a straight face?

Yeah! One time... I acted like I cried because someone "punched" me! It was priceless!
No! There's this thing that I do that gives me away every time! It's like I'm Pinoccio and my nose just keeps growing!
I haven't found the need yet...

Do you have a friend willing to back you up?

No! Will I need one?
Yes! I have one standing right here!
I haven't gotten a hold of one yet...

Do you honestly believe you've done something wrong?

Kind of