What's your style? (1)

What's your style? (1)

This quiz shows you if you are more of a girly girl, edgy, elegant, or tomboy

published on July 28, 201341 responses 11 5.0★ / 5

What would you wear to the park?

you would wear some ripped jeans, a tank top
with inspiring words, and maybe even a little dark
colored and light jacket.
you would wear some cute tie-dye shorts that are
a little ripped at the bottom, a crop-top, some
cute accessories that are totally instyle!
You would wear some skinny jeans that are dark colored, a light,white long sleeve shirt , a collared ,light jacket, and a thin belt.
you would wear a hoodie, shorts above the knee, and sneakers..

What would you buy at the mall?

some dresses, high heels, cute earings
Shirts with cute designs on them, skirts, sandals with sparkles or gems on them.
some sporty t-shirts, sweat pants, sneakers
jeans, light jackets, t-shirts

What kind of shoes would you buy?

converse, or cute,sharp flats

What are your favorite colors?

pink, turquoise, lavender
black, pink
blue, green, silver
yellow, light blue, light pink

Who are you known as in your community?

the well behaved, smart, girl
the rock n roll, girl
the cute,fun, sweet girl
the sporty, cool girl