Warriors:Thunderclan moonstone journey(READ DISC.)

Warriors:Thunderclan moonstone journey(READ DISC.)

do not play if you Havent played my warriors cat job quiz and got your results as "STAR" After bluestar's Death, ____ Takes a deadly trip to the moonstone, acompanied by Tigerclaw and Lionheart. Will he/she survive?

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____ eats some traveling herbs given to him/her by Spottedleaf. ____ is ready to go. Lionheart and Tigerclaw finish their herbs, then Lionheart guides ____ where to go. "The moonstone is this way." he says, and they begin their journey.

"Lets go!" ____ says "I want to be __star"
"I hope we don't run in to any adders!" says ____
"May Starclan watch us on our perilous journey" meows ____
"I hope we succeed." says ____ "I really do."

"I can see your exited." Lionheart chuckles "Well, you should be! Its not every day a young warrior like you gets to be clan leader." "Yes. And we will protect you on your journey." Tigerclaw meows "Thanks, you guys!" Says ____

"I can't wait!"
"This will be dangerously EPIIIC!!!
"I hope we can do this!"

The cats walk for hours. It is becoming sunset. But they cannot stop walking. ____ spies a mouse and...

Catches it- he/she have to save it for later
Leaves it alone. What if its a rat? ____ is paranoid.
No...must go on...don't EAT MOUSE!
Catches it. OMNOMNOM
Catchees it- he/she eats it. ____ needs the strength.

It is dark now. The cats are drowsy. Except Tigerclaw. He coils up his body and-Leaps! Right on ____'s back! The two cats roll down a hill, farther...farther...farther from Lionheart. Tigerclaw lunges for ____'s eye, when...

____ strikes at sutch speed Tigerclaw is knocked on the ground!
Bucks Tigerclaw like a donkey. He goes flying and hits a twoleg fence.
Turns into a hissing, spitting, storm of claws.
Bites him like an adder! "Yarrgh!!!" He yowels, but ____ doesn't stop! He/She bites harder! Tigerclaw is bleeding badly now!
Grabs his paw with skin-piercing claws, and twists it, then pushes it to the ground!

"I'll get you for that!" he hisses, and hits ____ into a twoleg fence. "MRROW!!" he/she yowls...

Claws him. HARD.
I'll get you for THAT!!!" He /She screeches and gives him a powerful blow in the head.
Headbonks him into a brick wall.
Ninja kicks him! With claws!

Tigerclaw is fuming. His fur is bloody and his ear is ripped. Knocks ____ into a stone wall so hard he/she is half knocked out Tigerclaw stands over him/her claw in the air, poised to strike. "Let me tell you a secret." He says, Eyes staring directly into ____'s eyes. "I killed Bluestar." his claw moves lightning fast! an inch from ____'s face, Lionheart lands on Tigerclaws back. he hits him again so hard, Tigerclaw rolls down the hill "AAARRHGGG!!" he yells, ____ says...

"It was him. He killed Bluestar" "I know. He said it out loud" says Lionheart
"I hope he never comes back, that Traitor!"
"That...was horrible. I thought we could trust him!!!"
"Lets go to the moonstone. I... Don't want to talk about what happened tonight.

They reach the highrocks. ____ approaches the highrocks...

In awe