are you cool

are you cool

come see if you are cool in my opion rate and comment chat with me and add me take all my quizzes

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how many friends do you have

2 many 2 count

has some1 in the past called u cool

my friends
yup does not matter 2 me though
nope never
does my mom count

wut is ur fav drink

water i not allowed 2 have sugar or anything else once in a while i have milk but only like once a month
idk i don't have 1 wutever i feel like at the time
wut ever the most popular person is drinking

do u like 2 read

yes all the time well on my 2 mins of free time very day
noo unless the most popular person does
once in a while depends wut book

r u a...............

girl or guy
guy or girl
not sure

do u consider ur self as a................

no one

wut's ur catch phrase

homework and chores come 1st before anything else (and my bed times 6:03)
wut ever the most popular persons catch phrase is
party on ur free time

wut come 1st (or more important)

well i don't have any friends so family

r u nice to ur bros and sis's

yees usally
well the most popualr person is not so no
I don't have any brother's or sister's

do u have ur own opion

i follow th most popular person in school
my mom said i should i have a geek prob
no i always have my own opion