witch icarly member are you?

witch icarly member are you?

are you freddy,carly,sam,spencer come here and find out rate comment and try all my other quizzes

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when there's a fight going on ur the one who...........

calls 4 help
has to help cause you the guy
talks 2 them 2 try 2 talk them out of fighting
watches or gets in the fight

are you a nerd

noooo school sucks
ewwwww if anyone called me that i would beat them 2 the ground
i prefere geek
i am good @ school but i would not call my self a nerd at all

do you have a set bed time

no my gardian says i am old enough 2 go 2 bed at a resonible time
i do but i NEVER follow it
no i an adult
yes my mom says i have 2 got 2 bed at 6:03 (wut i young i 15

are you in loove

once in a while when i in a commideted relationship but i not right now
never i can like someone but never looove
with my ex bf but then i found out he was 15 and played with stuff animals
yes!!!!! withh my best friend..........................carly

are you in icarly (the webshow) or wish u were

yes i the co-host (i wish)
yes i the host ( i wish)
once in a while i am on the show (i wish)
i the tec producer (i wish)

r u a...................

man (i only on who calls me a man)
teenage girl
guy (well some ppl call me a girl)

wut souds better (random words just pick one)

s-idk yet
s-some girl is out there 4 me

wut coulor is ur hair

curly blonde
brown and short
dark brown and middium
brown and long and girlyish

friends or family (witch is more important)

bff's and fam (dudes)
fam and bff's (girly)

wut is ur fav food

fried chicken,ribs and stuff un healthy like that
idk i don't have a fav food wut ever is more healthy
salads and strawberrries (idk y though)
spaggeti tachos