would i date you

would i date you

come here and find out if i would date you is could be yes no maybe soo

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Am i hot?

not at all u really ugly
le duh ur soo hot
i dont know u don't have pic

am i.....

idk i have not really meet you

how old do u think i am

12-13 around teenage age
idk 30-40-50
idk i can't tell

if we ever meet and u took me on a date where would u take me

idk i barely know u if i get to know u i will take it from there
idk u prob don't have a pic cause u ugly so i would't take u on a date anyway (even if i did it would prob be to a game room i could play games and i might get laaid!
1st i take u out for dinner 2nd out to a bar ride a limo around town drive u home and kiss u when we say good bye...................ah soooo romantic

if we went on a date and i offered to pay wut would u say

1st of all i would't take u on a date even if i did i would say yess u can take a hint and now i gonna order more so u can pay more ha ha ha
depends how long i have known u
i would say noo way i the man when ur with me u will never pay a dime

rate me on how nice,hot,sweet hot or funny i am 1-10

100000000000000000000000000ect it would take a life time to finish oh and that's all ur qualitys
nice,hot,sweet,hot or funny: -ugly
i'm sorry i not sure yet u can't tell someone personality from a quiz they made!!!

on my b-day or valentines (a holiday) wut would u buy me

flowers, choclate,a vacation to jamaica or ur fav place and much more
i need 2 find out wut u like 1st then i can tell u
nothing it's not like u did something fantastic ur mom made u alive ur mom should clebrate on ur b-day and we would't date long enough 2 get valentines day

okay pretend were on a date with a bunch of our friends and we were playing truth or dare i asked u to rate my bff 1-10 on how hot she is wut would u say

8 anything's prettier then u
5 that way she does get offended and u don't
again IIIIIDDDDKKKK i have not seen ur friend

if we ever meet wut would the 1st thing u would say 2 me

hi how r u i'm.........(my name)
well we would't techaniclly meet if i knew i was gonna meet u i would have put a plastic bag over my head (wait not good enough paper bagh is better)
boy i knew u would be beautiful but i did not know u would sparkel in the sun light

who's hotter miley cryus or me!!

YOU!!!!! no questions asked
i have not seen u 4 the millonith time i have no clue wut u look like
miley cyrus well miley cyrus is really ugly but anything is an improvment
whos miley cyrus?