What type of dog are you.

What type of dog are you.

Wanna see which dog you are? Here is the place!!! Try it out. It is fun!!!

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Your owner says they will be right back. But when you wait for a while you start to cry what do you do???

What???. C-r-ie???? Never you are crazy aren't
Keep crying till someone calms you.
Just stop crying and stare at your fur in shame.

Sorry but what is your favorite colour???

Black or brown
Yellow or something bright.

You enter a fashion show and don't win what will you do???

Ugh!!! I'm never entering one again!
Sigh, maybe next time I will.
Umm I won!!!
I guess they got it all wrong.

You get hurt with wounds all over what do you do.

Keep fighting I won't let him!!!
Breathe deeply and run away.
Stay and make fun of them.
Umm... Make them say sorry.

Your friend wants you to go to the park. Your mom says to go home. Which would you do.

Go home I'm tired.
Friends house yeah!!! I love to play!

Was this fun???

Pretty much not