What Made up Animal are you?

What Made up Animal are you?

What made up animal are you? Are you a unicornn or a sparkley poop??????????

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What is your favorite color?

Umm... brown with a touch of green

What is your favortie toy?

Hairy man
My little pony
Rubber Throw-up
Man that says: Eat the cupcake, throw it up, keep the throw-up in a bag, dump half of it on your friend and dumb the rest in thier backpack.

How old do you think you will be when you die?

1 1/2
I will never die unless I get eaten by a giant cat
You never die as long as you have friends!

Which of the names do you like best?

Mrs. Sparkle
Mr. Sparkle
Darth Vador
Darth Vadoress
Poop Man
None of the above

What do you like to do?

Watch TV
Sit in the dark
Fly with my sparkley friends to magic ville!
Run around in the woods
Go potty

If you could have any super power, what would it be?

To be able to sit and never sleep or eat
To grow 50 feet
To look like poop
To be magical and pink.
To be able to fly
None of the above

What is one thing that you CAN'T do?

Be a bad friend
Not be hairy
Not be stinky
Be happy
Take care of young children
None of the above

What is your worst nightmare?

Being alone in a non-sparkely world with no friends
Being sucked into the sun
Not being stinky
Being sucked into a vortex
Not being hairy