which side are you on dogs or cats

which side are you on dogs or cats

This quiz is fun and cool to do you can see which you really are are you a cat or a dog person if you are a cat person you are cool and layed back if you are a dog person you are fun and outgoing be right with your self pick what you truly think is right wether I is dog or cat

published on July 25, 201338 responses 13 3.5★ / 5

What is your favorite thing to do

Sit in side
Go out side

What kind of pet do you like

Fun and reliable
Lazy and playful at times

Would you ever put a pet in the car with out a canal

Yes sure I would
No way

When it's raining what is your reaction

Stay in side
Who cares if it's raining

How old are you

40 and up
30 and under