which fruit are you? (1)

which fruit are you? (1)

take this quiz and you will find out which fruit you are like and if you don't like that fruit its okay!!

published on July 24, 201330 responses 13
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and friend rides her bike and ...oh no falls off what do you do?

keep walking she will get her mom or dad to help
go and help her up
you try to help but you get bruised too

your grandpa passes away what do you do?

you try to help the family as much as you can!
you cry and cry and cry
you get on with your life and don't care

what are you hoping for!

mixed fruits
straw berry
or lemon

a boy and class sends you a love note but you don't like him back what do you do?

send the note back and say im really sorry
you say to him im sorry but i don't like you in that way give to a girl who deserves it!
say straight up to him ew why would you do that your disgusting i don't like you like THAT!

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