zombie apacalypse

do you have what it takes to survive a zombie outbreak? where would you hide? what weapons would you choose?

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Are you male or female?


Are you a fast runner?

Yes, I run regularly
Heck yeah! I'm a sprinter!
No, I hate running

you are in a basement, and zombies are just outside the door! What do you do?

Grab the pipe and stand at the bottom of the steps, ready for action!!!
Grab the chainsaw, run up the steps and fight your way out
Grab a pistol it doesn't sound like many

when your watching the TV and the news says reports of people eating each other! What do you do?

Grab a gun and prepare for the worst
say ,"Pfff, TV these days"
Run out in the street to see if they are telling the truth
Ignore it and go eat some CoCo Puffs

You were just attacked by some zombies and your friend was bit! What do you do?

say sorry and shoot him in the head
tell him/her to leave, you don't have the heart to kill them
move on
let them be, maybe they heal

You are hiding behind a bush and you see a group of zombies hanging around a tipped car. You can hear cries for help coming from inside the car. What do you do?

Move on
Yell and distract the zombies. Maybe the person will get out alive
Throw a grenade. Maybe the person won't get hurt
Sacrifice ammo. Open fire

Zombies are.....

Just like people and act sane
Scream and jump around like crazy monkey/cannibals
Walk like blind men and have their hands stretched out in front of them

Zombies eat......

Only animals
Only people
People and animals
None of the above

Of the weapons below, witch would you choose during a zombie attack?

an AK-47
a Grenade launcher
an Axe
a Baseball bat
a Crowbar
a Machete

During an emergency, witch wounds could you treat?

A cut or scape
A broken bone
A bite
None of the above

Are you good with guns?

Heck yeah! I'm in the army
Yes, I'm a hunter
Once or twice
I'm scared of guns

Out of these skills, witch are you best at?

Drawing (your doomed)
Hide and go seek (with zombies)

During the zombie Apocalypse, where would you hide?

a hosbitle
your house
a school
a storage shed

What style clothes do you wear?


Do you wear glasses?

Yes, I could't see without them
Yes, I do... Well for reading....

You can only put one more thing in your bag. What would it be?

Some canned food
Another weapon... Just in case
Pictures of your family, because you may never see them again
What bag??? I don't need one

Someone you once loved is now a zombie and is standing right in front of you, what do you do?

Shoot yourself, there is nothing left to do
Capture them, maybe there's a cure
They're a zombie now, there is nothing left to do but shoot them in the face

What is your strength level?

I'm weaker than most people
I'm about average
I'm stronger than most people
I'm a bear in human form

Have you had any fighting experience?

Yes, I went to jail for assault
I took ninja classes, does that count?
Eh...... I got in a fight when i was a kid
No, I'm a whimp

In a zombie attack, what would be your choice of travel?


What is your body type?

I'm rather large

how heavy do you sleep?

You have to hit me to wake me up
A good shake will wake me
I need earplugs to sleep
I wake up in the middle of the night

When you watch a scary movie you.....

sit quietly and watch
Laugh and scare the other people who are watching it
Get startled and jump

What is the first thing you do when you find another surviver?

Check them for bites
Say hi
Kill them

Finally,during a zombie outbreak, when do you travel?

at night
in the daytime