Harry Potter life (girls only please)

Harry Potter life (girls only please)

This will help you find out what your harry potter life will be like :)

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What is your personality most like?

Kind, Slightly shy, Muggle liking, Clever
Strong minded, Ambition
Clever, Brave, ambitious, Family loving, Kind

What will your wedding be like?

Small, Down to earth, Very special to you
Big, Full of people, Loud, Long
Quite big, full of friends, for everyone, Special

What is your fave Colour?


You go for a job interview. What do you wear?

Your formal robes with a messy hair style that shows a
slightly devious side
Simple normal robes with a neat hair style
Lots of expensive materials. Brand new robes.

You get a letter from Hogwarts saying your child has blown up a toilet. What do you do?

Congratulate them on making mayhem
Send 2 letters. One to Hogwarts saying how sorry you
were and one to your child saying you are very
disappointed in them
You send a howler and make sure they don't do it
again. You don't mind a little bit of trouble but blowing
things up is to far

Who would be your harry potter Boyfriend?

A slytherin in the year above
Dean Thomas
Neville Longbottom
Anybody who doesn't mind who you are and doesn't
make fun of who you are as a person