Flirtatious much???   <3

Flirtatious much??? <3

Are you a flirt,in between, or just a total hurt? Find out how good you're flirting skills are here!

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What pick up line would you use?

"Excuse me? do you have a band-aid, because I just scraped my knee falling for you..."
"How many bones do you have in your body? Do you want another one?" (Don't get it? DON'T ASK! I heard that one from my disgusting guyfriends...)
"You must've fallen from Heaven, because your face is messed up!"
"Am I dreaming or are you?"

Signature move?

Pelvic thrust, weird hand gestures...
Batter of the eyelashes, flex the muscles, devilish smile
Smiling, a wink, glances in their direction
Leave your mouth open with your tongue hanging out

How do you reply when some one asks you for your number?

Leave a mark of lipstick on the napkin you wrote it on
Write a note like "You're really cute," under your number
Say, "Your place or mine?"
Say, "Why do you want it?"
Say, "Sure," and simply wait for them to call you

What is one question you would ask?

"Can I feel your muscles?"
"Your place or mine?"
"I must be dreamin'! Right?"
"Do you wanna play Dragons and Dungeons?"

Where would you hit on someone?

The bar after 5 drinks
Night Club as soon as you get there! (You're sober)
On the beach