Which Brother Bear character are you?

Which Brother Bear character are you?

Okay, I'm just doing this quiz for fun! If you want to see what your character looks like, go to my profile pictures and look for their name! I really like the movie Brother Bear so... I decided to make a quiz about it! Hope you like it!

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Would you want to...

Stretch before eating
Eat grass
Drink water using a leaf
Catch the biggest salmon
Stay away from water

What would you do if your friend saw some cute girls...

Say something crazy to them
Try to impress them
Help your friend win them over, but fail miserably
Go hide behind the cute girls, claiming to play hide and go seek with the friend who likes them
Come up with a great plan, cuz you're a girl

Are you...

A boy
A guy
A girl
A sensitive guy
A guy who gets all the girls

Would you rather...

Get caught in a hunter's trap
Talk for 5 hours straight
Climb trees running away from 1,000 raccoons
Cry in front of the person you like
Get chased by a buffalo

What would you never do in a lifetime?

Swim because you're afraid of water
Walk around salmon with a whole bunch of bears around you
Rub yourself with poop
Have to live with your brother telling you that he killed your mother
Jump off a cliff onto a person who's trying to hurt your friend