What Warrior Cat Are You? (2)

What Warrior Cat Are You? (2)

Find out which one of Erin Hunter's Warriors you're most like with this quiz.

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You're the only kit in the nursery. What do you do for fun?

Launch an attack on one of the elders' tails.
Spy on the apprentices' training sessions.
Try to show everyone that you can take care of
Chase a mossball.
Wonder what it's like in the forest.
Practice your fighting skills.
Make a plan to get revenge on the apprentices.
Watch the medicine cat treat your clanmates and sort

It's time for your apprentice ceremony. How do you receive your apprentice name?

Walk confidently forward and try not to show how
excited you are.
Run into the clearing and trip over your own paws.
Step forward nervously. You're unsure of yourself, but
you want to prove you can be a great warrior.
Run forward, but then get a hold on yourself and stand
up tall.
Your clanmates doubt you, but you don't let in get to
You're confident in yourself, and ready for anything
your mentor can throw at you.
You stride into the clearing with a defiant gleam in your
eye to accept your apprentice name.
What? I'm a medicine cat apprentice! Not a warrior!

It's your first hunting assessment! Your mentor took you to a patch forest of at the edge of your territory, and you started your hunt. The first animal you found was a mouse. What do you do?

Drop into a hunter's crouch on the spot, then move
downwind of the mouse.
Jump at it from where you are. It's not THAT far away!
You can smell it, but you can't see it! This is hopeless!
Get downwind, then creep up on it and pounce!
You creep up on the mouse, being sure it can't smell,
hear or see you.
This is easy! You catch the mouse without any trouble.
You almost had the mouse, but your tail brushed
against a leaf and it got away.
If I had a hunting assessment, I would catch more than
every warrior in the clan could carry. Only problem is,
I'm a medicine cat!

You're in the middle of your first battle as a warrior, wrestling an apprentice. A warrior from the other clan comes to help your opponent. What do you do?

Fight like a all of Lionclan, Tigerclan, and Leopardclan
put together!
You really needed this challenge. This will be fun.
You want to fight them, but you can't!
Lash out with your front claws at the warrior's eyes,
then attack the apprentice. This might be hard, but...
Let them think they've won, then fling them off you.
You can't be beat! This is kit's play!
Kill them both!
You don't fight, for Starclan's sake! You stay at home,
then treat the wounds of your clanmates when they

Your biggest enemy has you cornered. What do you do?

Fight them!
Hiss and arch your back. Fight if you have to.
Lash out with your claws. You can't really fight...
Go for their eyes! If they can't see you, you can
Distract them and run.
Attack them, and then make them look bad.
Kill them, then make up a story to make it look like an
Help! You can't fight! You heal the wounds from things
like this!

You are given your first apprentice. After showing them the territory, what is the first thing you teach them?

A simple, but efficient battle move.
A few herbal cures for different things.
Tell them about Starclan.
A basic hunter's crouch.
How to fight using brains, not strength.
You drill battle moves into your apprentice's head all day
until they can't get the moves wrong.
You would teach them how to kill their opponents.
Teach them the importance of medicine cats.

Your clan leader sent you on an important mission. What was it?

You were sent to spy on your enemies.
You were sent to find herbs to cure the Greencough
outbreak in the camp.
You were sent to speak with another clan's leader.
You were sent to find food during the worst Leafbare
the clan had ever seen.
You were sent to find some missing cats.
You were sent to steal back your clan's kits.
You were sent to as the leader of a patrol on their way
to attack another clan's camp.
You were sent to ask for some herbs from another clan.

You were captured by another clan. Why are they holding you prisoner?

You were seen on their territory.
You are a medicine cat now, but you were a warrior
and are very valuable to your clan.
You are part of a prophecy.
You're mate is your clan's leader.
You are a powerful and respected cat.
You murdered another cat.
You kill kits for no reason.
You are your clan's only medicine cat, and without you,
your clan can be weakened.

In a fight, which one would you use the most?

I can't fight.
Death bite!
You don't fight. You're a medicine cat!