Are you a good singer? (1)

Are you a good singer? (1)

Figure out if you could be the next top singer! Everyone has a lifelong dream that they want to become a reality! So take this quiz to find out if your dreams will come true!!!

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Do you enjoy singing?

Not really...
Yes it's really fun!
Well it's not my very favourite thing.

What do your friends say about you voice?

They always say I'm great!
They say I'm alright...
I don't really sing at all

Do you like preforming?

Not really.
Ya, kind of!
Of course I do, i love singing!!!

Have you ever auditioned for anything before?

Well I was going to but I didn't.
(I wish I did though)
I have stage fright, so I never did.
Yup I loved it!

Have you ever found yourself singing a catchy song?

Well I was humming...
No not at all
Ya all the time!

Who do you think is the best?

Michael Jackson
Lady gaga
1 Direction

Do you love it when the spotlight is on you?

Well I don't care.
Yes yes yes!!!
Not really...

Will you get mad about your answer?
(This wont affect your answer)

Yes!!! Tell me I'm great!
Not really!