Let be awesome togeather and be hetalian! have fun with the quiz. ASTALPASTA

published on July 22, 2013225 responses 33
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What's your Favorite food?

What's your Favorite food?
Burgers! I don't know I'll eat any thing!
Pasta! and pizza
mum any thing tasty...or any thing you like
I cant really say?
sushi or and raw fish
Any thing cheap.
any food just food

What Music do you like ?

What Music do you like ?
Pop, rock and role, heavy metal!
Classic soothing piano
any thing Celtic I grew up with it.
What America said...
I don't care any thing!
romantic and sexy!
...What do you think?
soothing and calming
fun and exciting!

Fashion Oh yeah what do you like to wear?

Fashion Oh yeah what do you like to wear?
ohhh some thing fun and sliming!
jacket ,sneakers ,hat ...nothing special
Appropriate and causal.
hard work cloths...because I work a lot out side and on machines.
Something fun and soft!
Something varm no?
cute dresses!

Who do you love!

Who do you love!
Every beautiful boy/girl!
Red, White , and blue that's all I have to say! *runs away*
Ich liebe itlay... *hides face*
Germany! he's my only pasta!
She's different lets just say...
No one....
little girl in a dress
grandpa Rome!

who do you find funny?

who do you find funny?
ummm, Jim gaffigan or that other person?
france because hes so stupid...
Germany because his accent sound weird!
what I find funny is seeing all of you in pain... ((slowly scoots away))
Me because i'm so awesome!
ummm funny cat videos!
Lau from black butler!
miss hungry!