Are you a lover?

Are you a lover?

Do you like the feel of love well find out well taking this love quiz!

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Your walking down the halls and see a poster about a play your crushes name is on it and the next person who signed up had a kissing scene with them what do you do?

Say, " eew " and walk away shivering.
I HAVE to sign up their so cute!!!
I can't do it I have stage fright...
Say " YES extra credit for the people in the play!"
and sign up.
I depends what play it is.

The school dace is coming up and it's girls ask boys what would you do?

Go with some friends who cares if girls ask.
I'm a boy...
Go up to a some guy you've never seen and ask him.
Ask you crush and say that their the only one you would go with!

You just found out that the play and the dance are on the same day and you going to both, what would you do?

Go to the dance duh!
That random person I asked is so cute!
I signed up for the play first plus the kissing scene is WAY better anyway
Well the dace sounds more fun...
The theatre is a place anyone can be I'd go for the play!

So you went to the play and your crush broke their leg so you have to kiss the under study what do you do?

Go over and see if their ok.
Stare at them and start to cry till you get your way.
I went to the dance...
Tell the director that you would rather watch.

You get to the dance and the theme is Paris and your date starts talking in French what do you do?

Freak out and make up some words!
Fluently answer back in French!
Blush and say your having a great time back.
I went to the play...

After the play and the dance all of you friends meet with you to get pizza one of them said they got kissed... What do you do?

Say well I got kissed to and yell, " OWNED!!!"
Change the subject and talk about the play!
Start to fall asleep as they go on, and on about it...
Say aww that's so cute!

What would you do if your crush moved away?

Cry and hope for the best. :(
Just before they get in the car run over and kiss them on the cheek and run away again!
Watch as they drive away and star to tear up.
Run over and tell them to tell you they'll miss you!

Did you answer all the questions truthfully?!?

Mostly all of them...
Yes!!! I would never lie!
All except one or two.