Love Quiz

Love Quiz

Ever wonder what you should do in a relationship? Well, I have some quotes that are gonna make it easier for you! Try my other love quizzes, give comments/advice, and be sure to follow me!

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You are the PEANUT to my BUTTER
You are the STAR to my BURST
You are the MILKY to my WAY
You are the ICE to my CREAM
You are the FROOT to my LOOPS
You are the GHETTO to my BOOTY
You are the BEST to my FRIEND
And all of that means...

It's a mystery to me...
I love you
My butt looks fat in these jeans...???

Guys are supposed to tell her...

She's ugly?
She's fat!
OH! OH! I know! She's mean!
You admire her
Life will go on without her

When do you tell her you love her?

At all times
Once every other day
Whenever I want
When she kisses me

What do you do when she's upset?

Slap her
Buy her more crap
Hold her tight
Do nothing
Walk away

Who do you pick to hangout with?

Your best mate!
Her out of all the girls
No one
Everyone, cuz I'm going to a party!

What are you supposed to do with her?

Tow her around like a dog
I don't know
Play with her hair, tickle her, wrestle with her, just talk with her
Leave her

What do you tell her?

She's fat
She's ugly
She's mean
You like guys
There's another girl...

Why do you bring her flowers?

Her grandparent died...
You're gonna break up with her and you want something softer to give her so she'll throw that soft thing at you instead of a random microwave...
Just because
I don't know
Why would I bring her flowers?

What do you do?

Dump her
Hold her hand, throw pebbles at her window at night
Do nothing
Leave her for another chick
Give her to my best mate!

You should...

Do nothing for her...
Let her sleep in your arms and sing to her, no matter how bad you sound
Send her away
Tell her she's ugly, fat, and mean

What do you do when she's mad?

Kiss her
Tell her to suck it up

What do you do?

Run away from her!
Laugh at her
Give her piggy-back rides and push her on the swings
Whistle at her

What do you tell her and do if she's sad...?

Tell her she's beautiful and stay on the phone with her, even if she isn't saying anything
Tell her to get over herself and slap her!
Tell her goodbye and feed her to a pack of wolves

What do you do to show her you care?

Look into her eyes, smile, kiss her on her forehead, kiss her in the rain, slow dance with her even if there is no music
Throw a fish in her face
Leave a nasty note in her locker
Ignore her

FINAL QUESTION: What do you do when you fall in love with her?

I don't know
Slap her
Tell her
Break up with her
Pay her