What is your fab name? Girls and boys!

What is your fab name? Girls and boys!

Find out your perfect name, and see what name suits you the best. There are 5 possible answers, so get ready to be blown away!

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What is your favourite subject?

Anything to do with nature

What is your favourite letter out of these:


If life was a play, what part would you do?

Be the lead!
Dancer, maybe? Something sporty
Paint the scenery
Write the script
Nature? I'd look after the audience's animals, perhaps

Oh my goodness! You just got the best birthday preset ever! It's...

A Football signed by David Beckham!
A massive box full of art supplies!
A puppy!
A ticket to see the best play ever!
A wonderful marbled notebook for writing stories inside!

It's time for you to do work experience (sigh) so you pick to do it at...

The animal rescue center!
An Art club for 3-5 year olds
The young people drama center
The local swimming center
The library

Your school is going to let you go on a school trip, but you have to choose one of the 5 options. So you choose...

A trip to see a brilliant play!
A trip to the animal rescue center!
A course in art!
A trip to a the football world cup!
To meet your favourite author!

YOU JUST WON THE CHILDREN'S LOTTERY! How do you spend your £10,000/$10,000?

Art supplies for me, my friends and my famaly!
On publishing a book that I wrote!
On putting on my very own play!
On going to the football match!
Buying supplies for the animal shelter!

You're having a lovely dream. It's about...

You becoming a famous Author
You becoming an olympic athlete
You saving all the animals
You becoming a famous artist
You starring in a film

The dream turned into a nightmare! Now it's about...

You're working on a picture then paint flies everywhere!
Everybody hates your books!
You failing at your talent!
Your pet escaped and you can't find him anywhere!
You mucking up on stage!

And finally...what's your best talent?

Nature loving