What is your emotion right now?

What is your emotion right now?

This is for people like me who don't know how they feel... Hope you enjoy this quiz! I have a lot more! THEY ARE ALL ENTERTAINING! TRY 'EM!

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What are you thinking?

Monster Drink
Something everyone else thinks

Chose a color...

Blue, green, brown
Orange, yellow
Grey, white
Black, silver
Pink, Red, Purple
Red, anything dark

Choose a song...

Bruno Mars - Today, I ain't doin' anything
Ke$ha- Take it off
Mumford and Sons - The Cave
Asking Alexandria - Oh My God
Colbie Calliet - Bubbly
Taylor Swift - Picture to Burn

Choose a food...

Corn Dog
Nothing, I can't eat while thinking about my other half <3
Nothing, I can't eat while I'm planning my revenge

What were you doing earlier?

Lying on my couch doing nothing
Cleaning, Watching TV, Normal things a human would do
Feeling sorry for myself
I found myself smiling while I was thinking of someone
Running, Talking really fast, Dancing, anything that requires energy
Chatting with some friends about my plan of attack

Choose a place to hang...

In my bed
Under my bed/ in my closet
Sitting upside down
Outside in the open
Sitting on the ground anywhere, smiling
With some friends or in my room gossiping

Choose a story line....

Hunger Games
American Idol
Pirates of the Carribean
A show on LifeTime
Something about getting revenge!!!

Choose a face...