Which Dragon Ball Z Character are you?

Which Dragon Ball Z Character are you?

Are you Kind like Goku, Aggresive like Vegeta or tough like Krillin. Now you can find out with this quiz

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Your friend is being beat up, what do you do?

Turn Super Saiyan (To hopefully scare them)
Attack them
Try to sort it out
Run Away

The Ginyu Force arrive and you are alone, what do you do

Fight them
Ask them what they want
Tell them their poses are stupid
Run Away

You have all 7 dragon balls, what do you do

Wish for Eternal life
Wish to be rich
Wish for all your enemies to be destroyed

You are offered to have the power to do any move, which do you choose

Destructo Disc
Finish Buster
Special Beam Cannon
Solar flare
Wolfang Fist
Final Flash
Bloody Smash

You've been grounded by Chi-chi, what do you do?

Slap her
You don't care, she is not your mum

Your the Strongest person on earth, what do you do?

Show your rain of terror to the universe
Carry on training
Show off
Realise your only the strongest on earth and not in the universe

You look in the mirror and it breaks, what do you do

Cry, you are officialy ugly
Smile, you are too awesome for the mirror
Laugh, Mr Popo just happened to be standing next to you
Destroy the mirror
Get a haircut

Freeza appears in front of you, what do you do

Mock him, He was defeated by a super saiyan
Kill him
Say a very memorable speech: He has surpassed the level of a saiyan Kakarott is a super saiyan.