creepypasta boyfriend LOL

creepypasta boyfriend LOL

What's up everyone. It's your girl chaos. I'm back with another creepypasta quiz. I gathered the guys again only there are a couple new boys here. So have fun and don't piss them off.

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C'mon who's first? (Jeff:I'll go I guess.) Way to go Jeff. You sound thoroughly enthused. -_-'
(Jeff: whatever. Favorite thing to do?) (Ben: Wow you finally asked a different question.) (Jeff: shut up!)

Play video games and pown newbs. (Ben:
Play pokemon and draw. I design my own sometimes.
(Red: that sounds cool. You'll have to show me your
designs sometime.)
Sharpen my big ass knife. (Jeff: sounds like an awesome date to me!)
Play pokemon on my gameboy. It's fun and captured almost all the pokemon I need. (Lost silver: I can help you catch the rest if you would like.
I like to do nature walks and spend most of my time outside. (Slenderman: that sounds absolutely delightful!)
Make cheesecake and bake. I love cooking. (Masky: you're amazing!!!)

Next! (Ben: I wanna ask the sexy babe!) ...Seriously Ben? (Ben: Shut up! What is your favorite video game?) Well I guess that's different.

COD Black Ops 2! (Ben: cool I guess.) (Jeff: AWESOME!!!)
Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask for sure. (Ben: AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!!)
Slender. (Slenderman: Excellent choice!)
Bakery story Halloween addition. (Masky: YAY baking!)
Pokemon black. (L.S.: terrific!!)
Anything pokemon. (Red: Cool.)

Now it's your turn slenderman. (Slenderman: must I?) *my eyes turn red, my teeth turn into fangs, and my fingers turn to daggers* QUIT BEING A PUSS AND DO IT!!! (slenderman: Alright, alright I'll ask the damn question. What is your opinions on nature?)

I think it should be protected and preserved. (Slenderman: How lovely. I feel the same way.)
Nature is nice I guess, but I don't really know. I live in the city. (Slenderman: poor child.) (Jeff: Hey I think you live close by me! ^v^)
It's fine, but I'd rather be inside playing video games. (Slenderman: Here Ben, you can have her.) ( Ben: SWEET!!)
I love nature. It has the most wholesome ingredients for my pies. (Slenderman: I guess that's a good answer.) (Masky: we can be baking buddies!)
My pokemon love nature. Mostly bulbasaur hahaha he always loves to role around in the grass. (Lost silver: that sounds like an epic time.)
My pokemon always seem to set everything on fire uh...I guess not. (Slenderman: hmph. Ungrateful child.) (Red: sorry to hear that. I can help you with that problem.)

Hey masky, what about you? Do you wanna ask a question? (Masky: sure! Do like cheesecake?)

Yes yes yes and double yes!!!
Occasionally. I'm trying to watch my weight. (Slenderman: that's understandable.)
No I sorry, but I'm lactosintollerant. (Masky: oh ok that's fine. Thank you for being honest.) (Jeff: that was sweet.)
Yes, but I always make mine into shapes. So far my favorite one is the I made that looks like Majora's Mask. (Ben: Wow so cool! Can I have a piece?)
Yes but everytime I do make it my charmander eats it all. (Lost silver:haha cute!)
I made a pokeball cheesecake once and it was delicious! (Red: Aaaaaw I wish could have a piece.)

Yo silver! Your turn! (Lost silver: ok. Favorite kolor?) real creative.

Black and white
Red and white

C'mon red time for your question. (Red:YAY! What would your name be if you were a pokemon master?) Way to mix it up a bit dude!)

Snake werner.
Namine ritzu.
Aquroia lapis.
Camilia blossom.
Blair kit
norma switch.

Ok here's my question. What's your favorite song?

Blow me by jeffree star
I'm in love with a killer by jeffree star
Sexting by BOTDF
Insanity by miki and kaito
I don't wanna die by Hollywood undead
Killin it by krewella
Kill everybody by skrillex