what does hetalia think of you

what does hetalia think of you

well you have to answer questions from russia,prussia,italy,america,spain,china,germany,canada,greece, and switzerland.

published on July 20, 2013106 responses 0
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russia-Are you afraid of your younger sister and have your older sister afraid of you?

no duh dude.
maybe mabye not
i dont have either
do you need help with them? i will help
italy! you need to answer ze question!!!!
i dont care. i need money
no answer

prussia-Do you like having a little bird on your shoulder and one on your head while they are both your pet?

i would love to!
i love animals so yes
no. i do not like any other animals exept pandas
no way
as if
i have different things to worry about

america-Do you like keeping your face stuffed with hamburgers and hamburgers only and only stopping to get a drink?

no not really
i do
i do not
maybe the panda will like it
no. i only like beer
i need to study the olymics
no. i need to concentrate on saving my money

spain-do you like all animals you have ever seen?

i need to watch the newest doctor who episode so no. infact i dont go outside often
i do the same thing russia does.
i am busy stuffing my face with food!!!!
i do because i only like the panda
like i said i only like beer
i am way too busy!
i am also way too busy!

china-Do you like having a panda on your back in a bag?

i dont like pandas. but i do like doctor who
dude you should really chack out doctor who or doctor whooves
germany. is something wrong with italy?
yes. there is something wrong with italy
i like animals but not that close
pandas were not in the olympics
i need swiss cheese! not a panda.

germany-Do you like italians and do you also like drinking a whole bottle of beer and then busting it on an itlians head?

why should i when i have doctor who?
i would rather have doctor whooves
AHHHH! GERMANY! YOU WOULD NEVER DO THAT! or would you? (crying or starting to cry)
woa now italy answerd THAT one.
i bet that would hurt
i want to try that
i am happy that britain or france are not here or they would be fighting like death the kid and soul and black star!
i love that episode!

greece-Do you like france?

i hate him but not the doctor
the doctor would probably throw a rock at him with his whooves
switzerland listen! i the great and powerfull black star will defeat you! (imitating blck star)
i bet i know why britain hates him
i think patrick,blackstar and france are all alike
hate him
hey hey hey

switzerland-Do you like saving money?

dont blink. blink and your dead oh and gene hunter!
did you see that! i picked up a rock with my whooves!
i the great and powerfull black star will defeat you!
maka CHOP
reaper chop!
soul resonence!
shadow star star star