What core are you?

What core are you?

you need to answer all the questions that wheatley ask you and then he compares other spheres to you and then he gives you the adventure sphere or fact sphere or space sphere or the ego sphere.good luck to you.

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would you like to go up to a lady and say 'hiya pretty lady'

ladys are never nice
where??? i dont see no pretty lady!
no time. need to find my purpose of life.

is explosion day acually a day?

yes happy explosion day gourges
no. need to find purpose of GLaDOS
space is exploding???? NOOOO!
no such thing as explosion day.

if explosion day is acually a day then how do you celabrate it???? hmmmm

like i said there is no such thing as explosin day
well i dont know but it would probably hurt if i exploded
here is how you celabrate it. first you need to get alot of things that can explode by meeting fire. then you get to a bomb
testing area and then light them. all of it explodes. that is how you celabrate explosion day.

so where do you get the explosives

dont blow up space!
dont blow me up!!!!

did you like the test even though it was short?

had no math
yes if your a pretty lady. no if your a guy
will you help me?