Which Superhero Are You (1)

Which Superhero Are You (1)

This Quiz will tell you which superhero you most resemble?Are you The Man Of Steel or any other Superhero?

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How Fast Are You?

No Ones Faster Then Me
I'm Very Fast
I'm Pretty Fast
My Speed is Good
I'm Faster The Most People I Know
I'm Not Really Fast

How Strong Are You?

My Strength Is Unmatched
I Have Very Good Strength
I Have Pretty Good Strength
I'm Kind of Strong
I'm Not Very Strong
I'm Not Strong

What Is You Favorite Color?

Black And Grey
Blue And Red
Dark Blue And Red
Black And Red

How Good Is Your Endurance?

I'm Invulnerable
I Almost Don't Feel Pain
I Can Take It
I Do Feel Pain But Not A Lot
I'm Not Great At That
I Do Feel A Lot Of Pain

How Good Are Your Reflexes?

No One Has Better Reflexes Than Me
My Reflexes Are Outstanding
I Have Very Good Reflexes
I Have Pretty Good Reflexes
I Have Good Reflexes
I Have Okay Reflexes

If You Could Have One Ability What Would It Be?

Super Speed,Super Reflexes
Healing Factor, Being Crazy As Shit
Super Strength,Heat Vision,Flying,Freeze
Breathe,X Ray Vision,Super Speed ....
Magical Ring
Master Of The Mind,Expert Martial Artist,Money
Web Slinging,Wall Crawling,Spider Sense,Super
Reflexes ,Super Speed

What Is Your Favorite Thing?

Just A Ring
My Abilitys
My Gadgets
My Web Slingers
My Speed

How Would You Describe Yourself?

Nice,Mild Mannered
Arrogant,Ladies Man

How Muscular Are You?

My Arm Is Bigger The Your Head
I Can Bench Press 1 Ton
I'm Not Muscular But I Am Strong
I'm Pretty Muscular
I'm Alright
I'm Okay

How Smart Are You?

My Mind Is Perfection
I Am A Genius At Most Things
I Am A Scientist
I'm Pretty Smart
Not So Much
I Never Think About Stuff