What kind of dog fits you best

What kind of dog fits you best

If you're going to have a dog and you don't know what dog breed will you choose, then take this quiz to find out the best dog for you.

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What size will your dog be?

Extra large

Your dog is going to be...

A cute friend
A protector
A playful and smart friend
A loyal friend
A toy

How much timea day can you exercise your dog?

10-15 minutes
20-30 minutes
30-45 minutes
About 30 minutes
A little to none

How much grooming can you provide your dog?

5-7 times a week
1-3 times a week
As low as possible
Not important

How protective is your dog going to be?

No protection needed here
Very protective
Not very protective
Stay with me when i need him/her
A little protective

If you have a dog, you will...

I will brush his fur and give him a bath almost
I will train him to protect my house and walk
him everyday
I will play with him everyday and take him out
often because he is very friendly
I will treat him like my best friend
I will treat him like my toy but i won't get too
focus on him