Does he even love you?

Find out if he loves you and if you guys could be the perfect couple.

published on May 28, 201141 responses 10 3.0★ / 5

What are you doing ?

Why do you care?
Mentally going on a date with justin bieber
Is this even apart of this quiz?
Taking this quiz obviously

Does he smile when he sees you?

I normally see a frown ...
Of course
Is he supposed to smile?

How much does he hug you?

Every time he sees me
Never ....
Once a day
He's afraid of me

How does he look at you?

Like he's disgusted
He stares at me
Like he's in love
With no emotions

Sorry to ask this question , dont hate me .... Whats your favourite colour

Purple Bitches !!!

Would you be my friend?

Hell no
Sure ...
I dont even know you