Am i attractive to girls? (Middle School Guys)

Am i attractive to girls? (Middle School Guys)

Do you attract the girls in middle school? Answer HONESTLY please... Thank you! Please Vote!

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Are you muscular?

Well fit, not buff
average muscle
Below average, kinda fat
No muscle, very fat

Are you caring for other people?

Very, I put them before me
Yes, Most of the time
Rarely do I care

Are you well kept (hygiene)?

Very, shower/shave twice a day
shower once a day, shave
Every other day I shower
Once a week...
I shower once a month or less

Do you have courage in asking girls out?

I never get knocked down, very courageous
pretty courageous
Not really...
I am so weak

Are you handsome? (HONEST ANSWERS)

Very, I get complimented
Pretty handsome
Average Joe
I have quite a few flaws
I look horrible