What mythical animal am I ?

What mythical animal am I ?

Find out if you are a unicorn, a griffin, or a dragon! An extremely fun way to waste time!

published on July 18, 2013103 responses 24 4.9★ / 5

Do people tell you you have a double personality?

Yes, all the time
No they say I'm gentle and calm
Yes but I don't listen to them I pick who I am

Can you protect yourself?

Yes but I don't need to people are scared of
It depends, only if they're small
Yes but only when I have to

Do you help people even if your unsure about them?

No I don't talk to strangers.
Maybe if they are homeless or something.
Only if I have someone who can protect me

Do you think violence is the answer?

Never, just talk it out
Always sometimes I just like to start fights
Only for self defense I'm quiet timid

Are you violent when people annoy you?

No I don't let it get to me
At times I get aggressive