TRON Uprising

TRON Uprising

I got bored. So are you TRON, the Renegade? Or what? Find out here! Will see what kind of program are you.

published on October 11, 201311 responses 3 4.0★ / 5

A gang of programs demands to pay tribute, what do you do?

Throw some shock bombs and knock them out and leave them alone.
Fight them with your disc until they're knocked out.
Run away and shout fighting is not the answer.
Derez them like there nothing.
Taunt them before derezzing them.
Destroy them so you can blame TRON and the Renegade.

You're forced to fight one of your fellow programs, what do you do?

Derez them.
Let them derez you.
Toy with them then derez them.
Keep mocking them and then derez them.
Put up a good fight but let them derez you.
Find a way out, you don't derez innocent programs.

You're forced to make a choice, stay with Able or go and train with TRON.

Stay with Able, I promised him.
Go to TRON, freeing Argon and the grid is important.

You have no choice, derez CLU becuase your friends will die. But CLU lets your friends go if you derez TRON.

I have to end the revolution and free the grid. I'm going to derez CLU.
I'm going to derez TRON, it's his fault that my friends are trapped.
I'll derez both of them, it's their fault for starting this conflict.

TRON LIVES! That's the rumor around town, what do you do?

TRON's alive, I will prove that there's still hope as long as there's programs like TRON.
Keep it a secret, wait till TRON tells me what to do next.
Go and face CLU and derez any programs that stand in my way.

These overall questions are...

It's just plain bad, go do something else, it's not in your programing.
Needs work, I'll be honest. Keep working at it though!
Great! Remember, TRON LIVES!