who is your Archangel

who is your Archangel

find out who your archangel is and about him :) have fun and enjoy :D <- its a smiley face

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your freind is in a fight against someone both you and them know they cant beat what to you do?

give them helpfull advice
join in the fight againt the person trying to batter your freind
wait till the fights over then get your freind to the hospital
stop the fight from hapening peacefully

What would you rather work as?

Mid wife
Charity Worker

you see a dog about to get hit by a car what do you do?

warn the driver as best you can
Jump in front of the car and push the dog out of the way
take the dog to the vets as soon as the car hits it
calm the driver down once it hits the dog

out of these colour sceams which do you like best

silver, pearl, white, blue and pink
orange, white, gold, yellow
gold, yellow, pale blue
violet, purple, and indigo

out of these crystals?

Angelite (pale blue, improves creativity) and Apophylite (very good for meditation, recalling dreams and clairvoyance).
Agate (helps strengthen both body and mind), and Amber (absorbs negative energy, while helping the body to maintain a spiritual balance).
Quartz (for psychic peace and helping the psychic connection with angels), and Alexandrite (for physical and emotional healing).
Amethyst (helps lift our spirits), Aquamarine (cancels fears and phobias) and Rose Quartz (a calming influence to aid us when dealing with others).

you make a big mistake in life what do you do

write a song or poem to try and calm you down
have courage and hope for the best
time will heal you
forgive yourself and move on

Where do you stand in your groop of reinds

The Intelgient one
The Leader
Loved one
The one that can stop conflicts

What describes you best


who do you work best with?

teans, kids, adults & seniors

this is a poem about Archangels and Guardian Angels (writen by Helen Jane Read) which bit do you like best?

Angels are beautiful to see, They fly like a bird, totally free, They look like humans, But with a heart of gold.
Their wings expand the Universe, Their love surrounds us all.
Up above flying free, See the beauty of the Angels,
Open your heart and eyes, They are waiting on our call.

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