What Wolf Pack are you in?

What Wolf Pack are you in?

I wrote a stroy called War of the Wolves. Do you want to know what Pack are you in? Find out and get to know a special Pack secret and ability! I will use them in my story later.

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You see a pup from a different Pack. He is lost and hungry and seems to be injured. What do you do?

First show him to your leader. With premission catch prey for him then take him to the medic. Wait a few days until he's better and take him home.
Bring him to the camp and feed him scraps for a few days and keep him warm. When he's healthier make sure the would is not too bad and lead him home.
Growl and snap you teeth to scare him! I would never feed or heal a scrap like this! He's rival Pack anyway.
I take him for a few days, get me and my friends to hunt for him and regulary take him to our medic and escort him home.
I would feed him, take care of his wound and show him the way home.
I would take him to our medic, wait until his wound is treated, hunt for him and lead him to his Pack's border.
I'd catch him one piece of prey and show him the way home. If wouldn't go I'd snap at him.

You are tired, hurt, thirsty and lost. In what order do you take care of yourslef?

First I drink, then find a shelter, treat my wound, hunt and try to find my Pack.
First I rest, then hunt and eat some snow instead of water. Then I treat my wound and go home.
I rest, treat my wound, hunt, drink and find my Pack.
I hunt then find my Pack! Easy as this!
I hunt for fish and drink, then I rest and treat my wound so I can find my way.
I treat my wound and drink then hunt and find my Pack so they can heal me.
I don't fight nor wander away.

What pet would you rather have? Or an animal helper?

A sleek heron so she can help me fish.
A coyote slave so he can be a training dummy while practising battle moves.
A friendly little bird or small mammal who'd keep chatting.
A clever owl who would hunt with me at night and give me tips!
A funny chameleon who'd make me laugh :D
A little insect or spider I can explore every nook and cranny with.
An Arctic fox as a hunting helper.

You are in battle and your mate is struggling with your friend for the different Pack. You...

Hurl at the enemy and save my mate even at the cost of my friend's life.
I would save him/her from my friend and just give him a good struggle until she runs away.
I would slam them down and tell my mate to escape.
My Pack dosen't fight!
I even kill the friend if she got her paws on my mate!
I would save my mate quickly and give a few nips to my firend before running off.
I would die for my mate but would never kill a friend!

Who would you feed the last piece of prey in the terriotry to?

The Alpha.
I would probably give it to the Alpha or Beta.
I'd share it with my BFF!
Duh myself!
Either me or my mate.
Anyone who seems in much need of it!
I would give it to the Alpha because I have to respect him/her.

What would you do in free time?

Splash in the water and make some frieds.
Hunt and practise battle moves or just play in the snow.
Hunt and chat with Packmates.
Fight and fight and kill >:)
Bask in the sunlight and make friends!
Swim and fish!
Climb over the temple ruins and discover new places.

If you saw a lone wolf what would you do?

Invite him to stay in your Pack for as long as he wants.
Offer him shelter and food but only for a day.
Give him a warning nip and tell him to avoid this place.
Tell him he can eat and shelter in your Pack if he wants.
Ask him why he's here. If he seems good offer him shelter for a while and if he's bad chase him away.
Get him to my leader.
Chase him away! He's got no right to be here!

If you'd pain your wall what colour would it be?

Something dark like purple or black.
Light blue or just white.
Golden, sandy or a nice bright yellow :)
Red orange or yellow.
Silver or blue
Brown or green!
White with colorful spots XD

What prey would you rather have?

A coyote pup.
A delicious elk!
Some nice fish.
A snowshoe hare.
Maybe a crab!
A zebra.
A nice dragonfly.

What is your camp like?

A bunch of tunnels and den dug in sandy hills!
A scoop in a cilff with lost of shade to cool down!
Just a clearing with hollow trees and logs by the lake.
A shadowy clearing in the forest with a cave!
Up in the cold mountains and in deep dens.
Under a big shady acacia tree in the dry long grass.
In some temple ruins deep in the jungle.