Who are you from Gravity Falls?

Who are you from Gravity Falls?

Mabel Pines who is very optimistic, the man-child Soos, Dipper Pines who's a mystery solver, Wendy the troublue maker or Stan Pines who only cares about money. Who are YOU?

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What is the wierdest thing you have ever seen?

Lil' Gideon
Dude a pterodactyl!
Two ghosts in a haunted store!

What is your favourite food?

I like a lot of snacks!
Toffee peanuts and Pitt Soda. I also liked an omlette sheaped like my own face!
Burrito Bites dude!
No time to eat! Adventure awaiting!

What pet would you rather have?

Dude something cool like a kakadu parrot!
Pets are worthless and expencive!
Maybe a trained dog so he can help me solve mysteries?
I do not have time for pets, too busy rule breaking!

What would you rather do?

Kill Scooby Doo so I can solve creepy mysteries instead! I am way better than this dog!
I would eat a ton of Smile Dip an see Aoshima!
Oh dude you got me! Eat untill I can eat no more!
Win the lottery and be the richest man in the world. Duh!
Break all possible rules in Gravity Falls!

What is your freakiest moment in life?

When I got shot trough by a laser ray! Then my uncle fixed it.
When I tough Mermando has a girlfriend already! Or when Pacifica won Waddles!
When the tax collcetor came. Also when the Mystery Shack was destroyed!
When we met some ghost in a haunted store. They were scary!
When I nearly got run over by a car because I was so clumsy dude! It was scary dude!

Why are you in Gravity Falls?

I never wanted to be here! My parents sent me for the summer!
To have an epic summer romance!
Dude I work here dude!
I am running the Mystery Shack!
I am breaking all the rules here!

What is the worse thing you have ever seen?

Lil' Gideon! And two beautiful men.
Robbie! That arrogant stupid lier
That Summerwen Trickster dude. But the pyramid guy was freaky too!
Bill Cipher!
I've seen lots of monsters. But the most horryfying thing in the world is Grunkle Stan!

What would you rather wear?

A wintery hat and a striped green shirt with boots and jeans.
A fez and a suit. Also an eye patch. It helps me make money.
A funny sweater and a matching skirt!
Shorts, a cap and a shirt dude
Just a hat with a Pine tree, a red shirt with a blue vest and shorts.

Would you rather go out with...

Lazy Susan
I dunno dude!

Choose one quote

The future is the past! ONWARDS AOSHIMA!
Hey dude! Do you need a cool buddy with a pickup truck?
Wanna go rule breaking somewhere else?
When life gives you leamons say they are orange leamons and sell them twice the price!
Lets solve this mystery people!

What is the most important thing man kind has made?

Money. Lots of it. And TV.
All the new hight tech equipment to help solve mysteries!
Oh dude... FOOD!
Ice. You know, stuff it down your friends pants or steal it from a haunted store.
Waddles and Smile Dip and Gummy Koalas and wool!

What is your special skill?

I can be super cute and charm wonderfully and aslo I'm super silly!
I am a handyman. I am a bit clumsy tough.
I can outwit anyone unless a dream deamon is brainwashing me.
I can break any rule unnoticed!
I am really smart and I know how to catch monsters!