Are you naughty or nice?

Are you naughty or nice?

if you want to know if you or naughty or nice this is the place to go (if you want to but pls do!)

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What do you like doing best!

throwing stones at cats
helping old ladies across the street
drowning puppies
doing chores

would you rather...

be lazy
read books
play video games

what did you get in your stocking last year?

lots of nice prezzies and sweets
cant remember

Do you write thank you cards back at christmas?

every year
it depends
no its sad

have you ever done anything for charity?

of course
no its lame
a couple of times
charity sucks

you find out that that your grandma is giving you another handnitted sweater for christmas so what do you do?

sigh but accept
accept it lovingly of course!
tear it up