wich celeb r u

wich celeb r u

awnser this 2 find wot ceelbrity you r fhsdajlfhsdkufn.av xc,zjagh'vfnxc ajf yes pleas

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do u do act or sing?

yea nd i am rly good
haha no lol jk yep hahaha
i dnt and i am smelly

duz evryone lov u?

oviously bcause i am cool
nop :(

can i have you autograf

hmm pay me mony and then yes
no bcoz i am just mr. riordan
no bcoz i am nobody who is not celebreti

wot is yoare name?

if its riordan please select 'riordan'

mr p duffy lolman super dude diddy
boring person

do yu like munney?

yea nd i hav lodes of it hahahah
um i dnt know speak 2 sharon
nop i am poor