Do You Like Evil Warrior Cats?

Do You Like Evil Warrior Cats?

Have you ever admired any villian warrior cats? For example, Scourge, Tigerstar, Thistleclaw, etc. And NO, this does NOT mean you like them as in girlfriend and boyfriend relationships, unless you think of them that way.

published on July 15, 201341 responses 14
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What do you think of Tigerstar?

Ugh, I hate him.
I don't really like him...
Eh, he's okay.
I love him, he's so epic.

What do you think of Mapleshade?

Bleh... no. Don't want anything to do with him.
I don't like him that much.
Hmm... he's alright.
He's awesome.

What do you think of Hawkfrost?

Ugh, I HATE him.
Bleh. Don't really like him.
A little interested.
He's so boss.

What do you think of Brokenstar?

Eww! I hate him so much.
I don't like him that much.
He's okay but not that great.
I loovvveeee him. He's epiic

What do you think of Thistleclaw?

I wish I can kill him.
I wouldn't really spend time with him.
I guess he's alright..
Very amazing cat.

What do you think of Darkstripe?

I hate him. I'm so glad he's trapped in Dark Forest.
I don't really like him. Perhaps he deserves to be in Dark Forest.
He's okay... I do kind of wish he was still alive.
He's awesome. If I knew him he would be my best friend.

What do you think of Antpelt?

I would rather die than see a single strand of fur on his face.
I wouldn't waste my time with him.
He's okay.

What do you think of Clawface?

Eww. I hate that mouse-brained scrap of fox dung.
Bleh.. I don't think so.
He's alright, I guess.
I would hug him forever if I could.

Would you rather die if you were trapped on an island with your least favorite Warrior Cat villain or would you survive with them?


If you met your favorite Warrior Cat villain, would you be afraid?

Pffft, no.
Yeah, I guess.

Last question. Do you even have a favorite Warrior Cat villain?

No. I dislike each and every one of them.
Yeah, of course.