How to know if a girl likes you.

How to know if a girl likes you.

I've been through this and am going through this every year. So I am trying to help you with the "Does she love me?" question.

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Does she make unusual contact with you? Does she touch you? Sit with you? and even bold enough to give you a hug?

Yes, she does that often.
Yeah, she'll sometimes do that.
Yes she will, but not that often.
No, I never had unusual contact with her.

Does she talk a lot around you more than anybody else?

Yeah! She's a chatterbox around me!
She'll talk to me a whole ton more!
A little bit, but not significantly.
No she's perfectly normal around me.

Does she unusually ask you for something or gives you stares?

She'll ask my for somethings and give me stares!
She'll stare at me.
she'll ask me for things.
Not at all, she's very confident and independent.

Does she give you the special treatment? Or perhaps constantly blushes?

No she won't blush around anybody or from anything!
Blushing? It's all she does around me!
she blushes around everybody!
she'll blush from things I need to do when I'm around her.

And finally, the last question if you think, based on these questions if she loves you, will love her and devote your self?

Um...yes, I would.
Love her, yes. Devoting myself? Maybe not.
I guess I could love her...a little bit.
No, I can't.(for whatever reason)