What's your cringe-meter?

What's your cringe-meter?

Answer the questions and find out just how much you can cringe! Are you good at handling it, or do you just turn as red as a traffic light? Find out here!

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Your friend says: "I like cheese!" As loudly as she can. It's very embarrassing, so you...

Pretend you don't know him/her.
Burst out laughing.
Turn traffic- light coloured - when it's red!

You're downtown with your mates. You thought you saw your BFF. Ok, it's a total stranger! You...

Make out your waving to someone behind them.
Sit down on a bench, and blush!
Join in with the laughter of your friends.

Ok, so you've just been to the loo. Then suddenly, you friends point out that your skirts tucked into your knickers! You...

Turn bright red!
Just laugh...
Pretend it's the latest fashion, of course!


Hi. Can't chat, I'm totes busy.

Ok, so your friends have found out your crush. you...

Put your head in your hands.
Smile, smile, smile!
Say: "Yeah, I like him. What's that big D"

A friend asks you to take a quiz. You...

Say an excuse.