Parenting Survey

Parenting Survey

This is a survey just to see what most parents think are the right choices for their kids.

published on July 12, 201333 responses 5
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What do you feed your son/daughter?

Whatever they would like.
They eat a healthy diet and whatever is given.

How much freedom do you give your son/daughter?

I give my child as much freedom as they desire.
My child's freedom is limited to a certain amount.
My child is always on watch.

What is the legible age for your son/daughter to begin being in a relationship?

Whenever they feel they are ready.
10 and under.
Teenage years (13+).
Mid-teenage years (17+).

How do you limit your son's/daughter's use of electronic devices?

They have unlimited time on their devices.
They may use their devices, but they must also go outside and play with friends.
No electronic devices may be used.

How much allowance do you give your son/daughter?

They are just kids they don't need much money.
It depends on how much of their chores they accomplish.
For doing simple chores they will get about $5-$15.
For doing simple chores they will get about $20-$30.

What are consequences for your son's/daughters's bad behavior.

No punishments.
A fair warning.
It depends on what they did.