How hot are you?

How hot are you?

How hot do you think you are? How hot do other people think you are? Are you unsure? Take this to see!

published on May 27, 2011166 responses 52 4.4★ / 5

I am...

I'm ChloeBabey or MaddiePaddie

I have...

No acne
Some acne
A lot of acne
I'm ChloeBabey or MaddiePaddie

I am...

Sweet and shy
Outgoing and self absorbed
Nice and outgoing
I'm ChloeBabey or MaddiePaddie

My friends would describe me as...

Hot, but not so nice
Ugly, but nice
Hot and nice
Ugly and mean (If you choose this, then why are you taking this quiz?)
I'm ChloeBabey or MaddiePaddie

If a guy were to hit on you, you would...

Slap them in the face and laugh
Flirt back with an even wittier comment
Pay no attention because you're playing hard to get
Tell them to leave cuz they are U-G-L-Y!
OK... getting tired of typing out names... so, I'm one of Sarah's followers!

You weigh...

What I should weigh
Off the scale
As light as a feather
I really need to eat something

You workout...

1/2 an hour each day
1 hour every other day
What does working out mean?
So much that I look like a stick!
Does working out inclued actual work?

You would rather wear...

High heels
Sneakers (Because I'm a guy)
Anything I want because I'm Sarah's only follower ( Chloebaby's choice <3)
Shoes with holes in them
Hiking boots everyday baby!
Something that don't match my shirt

I have...

A normal stomach
A beer gut
A 2-pack
A 4-pack
A 5-pack (Not this answer cuz it ain't possible and it's just weird)
A 6-pack
A 8-pack
A 10-pack
A 12-pack
A body like a god/godess

My lips are...

What lips?

My age is...

Whatever I want it to be
21 +up to 30
18 + down to 12
31 + up to however old you are
10 + down